<![CDATA[Gecko Hospitality: talent_showcase]]> https://TALENT.GECKOHOSPITALITY.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Director of Marketing]]> This rock star Marketing Guru started her career in Restaurant Operations 10+ years' ago and has been gaining professional growth year after year, never staying stagnant. She has overseen digital, print, and social media marketing strategies across the Midwest. With a keen eye for client needs, and the evolving landscape of restaurant and retail marketing, she is able to bring instant recognition to the brand. 

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<![CDATA[High-Performing General Manager]]> High-Performing General Manager with 11+ years with one upscale brand with an annual sales volume of $15 MIL, supervising multiple concepts. He is customer-driven, a strong mentor & developer, and leads by example. A talented and results-oriented food management professional with over 20+ years of broad-based experience.  He is highly skilled at motivating staff to maximize productivity and control costs through effective use of manpower & has outstanding analytical skills and the leadership to develop trusting and profitable relationships.

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<![CDATA[General Manager]]>
Increased to top-line revenue each year with creative packaging utilizing all facets of a family entertainment center's venues.
Ability to return to college to finish my bachelor's degree while maintaining full-time employment.
Awarded with Executive Awards in 2008 and 2009 while also receiving the John Mikusa Award for Excellence in 2008 and 2009 as the top-performing General Manager.

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<![CDATA[General Manager/Dir of Ops/Dir of Sales]]> I am a highly energetic business development professional who gets up inspired to achieve goals. I am excited to execute marketing and sales strategies and build teams that are focused and equally committed to success. My management style is that of Team-Based so all people know the goals, the expectations and are ready to fill in for each other as necessary.
Increased Sales at a mature retreat center by over 40% for the past three years.
Biggest corporate client was Chrysler Corproation
Featured speaker on Sales Leadership, Team Building and Wellness Tourism

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<![CDATA[Director of Operations / General Manager]]> Experienced in running a multitude of food service styles including catering and banquet operations, quick-service and full-service restaurants, bars, entertainment complexes and multi-unit, high-volume locations.

Holds a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu which affords me the working knowledge of food production, menu trends, recipe adherence, and culinary food distribution and service standards. 

Over 14 years of F&B experience providing strategic direction and leadership to high-volume restaurants

Experienced in menu development, concept rejuvenation, costing, forecasting, and general financial acumen

Guest centric business approach of providing an exceptional experience via a hands-on management approach with an emphasis on engaging the guest in order to drive guest loyalty, enhanced brand recognition, and increased profits

Cross utilization of departments and partners for increased efficiencies and optimal performances of all sources

Bilingual Fluent in Spanish including verbal, electronic and written communications

Continually delivering results and proficiently achieving solid financial results and meeting/exceeding financial targets

Effectual leader with proven ability to build sales and guest counts for increased profitable revenues


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<![CDATA[Operations Manager - Owner/Operator]]> Since 2006, I have opened and operated 3 separate restaurants of my own. Having invested over 4 million dollars in total, I can easily look back on the time between 2006 and 2016 as the most expensive lesson of my life. Owning and managing 2 upscale restaurants and one QSR in that time span, I managed a workforce of over 150 employees. In addition, the financial accounting, shareholder responsibilities, and overall marketing efforts of each business was driven by me. Now, managing a luxury resort in the Caribbean, I have the diverse responsibility of overseeing 4 distinct concept restaurants, and an all-inclusive hotel property. To say my management skills are "battle-tested", is an understatement.

Increased profitability of every company I ever worked for by an average of 100%
Mentored former employees who became owners, directors, and managers of Restaurants, Hotels, and Medium-sized businesses across the country
Recognized as an "innovator" by Florida Trend Magazine with my own business, the first multimedia prep sports company, (incorporating print, online, events, and development), with global distribution.

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<![CDATA[ Task Force Leader]]> I am a highly skilled effective leader who develops teams that thrive while exceeding budget and beating our bottom line. I improve finances and morale. My prior VP called me a superhero. I love people, I am a natural leader, I excel at business and have fun doing it. I have a huge following and people like me. I am firm and clear, while we exceed expectations and knock our results out of the park.
I managed a 1500 seat restaurant in NY, Bryant Park Grill and increased sales over 30% with my leadership.
I improved our Portland Market health score 25%, Increased sales 30% and beat ebitda by 17% in my current position.
I improve reviews in all companies from a 3-4 star rating to a standard 5 star average.

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<![CDATA[Assistant Manager]]> For the past 10 years I've slowly been gaining experience in every aspect of the restaurant industry, from host and dishwasher to general manager. I've also acquired several skills I believe to be imperative to running a successful restaurant, including, CPR certification, IT Technical skills, and I am currently attempting to learn several languages including Spanish and French.
I worked as the Supervisor of food and beverage in Talkeetna, Alaska with carnival cruise lines at one of their resorts for a seasonal job.
I am currently taking classes for Information Technology, so that I may quickly and easily deal with computer and phone issues at my place of business in order to save a great deal of time and money that would be otherwise spent waiting for someone.
I have been certified in CPR, and to use an AED in the case of an emergency with guests or employees of my place of business.

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<![CDATA[Director of Catering]]> He spent 20 years with a National Brand, as the instrumental leader in developing their off-premise operations alongside the owner. When he joined the company it had 22 locations and he assisted in its growth to 60 stores. He developed SOPs, and training manuals, and created a "call center" for efficiency in ordering and organizing special events. He is an innovative operator and an excellent communicator. 

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<![CDATA[Assistant General Manager]]> If you are looking for a hands- on, transformational leader and teammate, I'm positive I have the necessary skills and experience you are looking for, and will make a valuable addition to your company. I have led FOH management, operations and development to success in the restaurant industry for 10 plus years. My experience began at 18 years old and includes every FOH position and now General Management. In my most recent position, I am an Assistant General Manager of Bluewater Seafood, and now I want to be a part of your team. During my role I have overseen FOH operations including 54 table inside and outside dining, 60+ employees and an annual net income totaling 3.4 million and %9 growth since 2017.
Oversaw daily FOH operations including 54 table inside and outside dining, 16+ employees and a annual net income totaling 3.4 million and %9 growth since 2017.
During 2018 management transition I assisted in formalizing operational systems and procedures by developing and introducing employee handbook, detailed job descriptions, workflow plans, and job aids.
Missed 2020 Projected sales by $20,000.00 and broke even with 15.79% lower labor totaling $20,000.00.

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<![CDATA[Chef Manager/QSR Manager/ Multiple- Unit Manager]]> My skill set spans a multitude of areas to comprehensively assist professional kitchens, from preparing ingredients and monitoring inventory levels to training and developing staff and working collaboratively with chefs. With more than 25 years of experience in fast-paced restaurant kitchens, my complementary strengths in team leadership, communication, and quality control are sure to make me a positive asset to your establishment.

Consider the following highlights of my experience: Promoted into Lead Allergen Chef position with Georgetown University campus following consecutive roles as a Server a Line Cook, respectively; managing day-to-day kitchen operations including staff scheduling, menu alterations/specials, inventory management, and c Training, coaching, developing, and supervising up to 28 diverse kitchen employees at a time; coaching and promoting three servers into kitchen assistant and line cook roles. Ensuring top-notch hygiene and food safety standards to maintain a clean, sanitary, and compliant restaurant kitchen. Working alongside restaurant owners to define goals, determine budgets, develop new marketing strategies, and reduce labor and food expenses. Driving outstanding customer service and satisfaction, addressing and resolving customer issues and concerns quickly and thoroughly as necessary. Maintaining a friendly rapport with chefs, servers, and peers across all work areas. Pursuing an Associate s I m Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts from Lincoln Tech Culinary Arts School.

I have increased sales by 5%.
I have reduced food costs by 3%.

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<![CDATA[Director of Marketing]]> As a rock star Marketing Guru, she started her career in Restaurant Operations, Sales & Marketing 10+ years ago and has been gaining professional growth year after year, never staying stagnant. She has successfully launched digital, print, and social media marketing campaigns across the Midwest in both restaurants and retail. As a Director of Marketing, she gets her company PR and brand recognition in the market by staying on top of the latest trends and creative strategies. 

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<![CDATA[Assistant General Manager]]> Dependable and excellence-driven hospitality professional with a hands-on approach to leadership and management. I thrive in high-energy, high-volume environments and understand what it takes to grow a business. I am currently searching for a restaurant General Manager position.

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