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  • 20+ years of GM experience with National Casual Dining concepts
  • Experience overseeing volume of $3-5 million per year
  • Was a GM for 15 years with most recent employer
  • Outstanding eye for talent
    • Promoted 12 hourly employees into Managerial positions
    • Promoted 12 Managers into General Manager positions
  • Expert at improving restaurant culture and making his establishment a place people want to work at
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    Fri, 12 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He met all expectations while I supervised him and is one of the best restaurant leaders I have ever met." - Former Supervisor

    "He is a great communicator, very level-headed, and wonderful with guests and team members." - Former Peer

    "He has excellent communication skills with his team, guests and everyone he came into contact with in the restaurant." - Former Supervisor

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    <![CDATA[General Manager/ Managing Partner]]> Tenured Restaurant Professional with multiple concept management experience. Full Service - $M plus sales volume experience

    Experience 3% sales increase in last role. 

    BA In Marketing

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    <![CDATA[Restaurant General Manager - Full Service Concept]]>
  • Several years of General Manager experience with Nationally Recognized Full Service Restaurants
  • Training General Manager experience
  • Restaurant General Manager experience at Full Service concepts doing over $5 million in sales annually
    • One concept this candidate was able to raise weekly sales from 60k to over 110k per week 
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    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is a terrific people manager. Staff and managers truly adore him and will do anything for him because he treats his team well, holds them accountable, educates and takes the time to develop them. He has a strong history of delivering on or exceeding targets whether it be P&L, customer metrics, turnover, etc." - Former Supervisor

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    <![CDATA[Regional/District Manager - High Volume Experience]]>
  • 5+ years of Multi-Unit experience with Casual to Upscale Casual concepts; currently oversees 5 locations doing $20 million in sales
  • Has single-store volume experience with Upscale to Fine Dining concept exceeding $14 million in sales per year
  • Took a location losing $1.4 million in sales per year and turned it into a regularly profitable restaurant
  • Created training manuals and programs for companies he's worked for
  • Created and built their accounting procedures including developing the P&L's and reporting procedures
  • Strong developer of talent; he's developed 8-10 Managers from within his own ranks
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    Fri, 29 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is excellent at motivating and building a culture that team members thrive and grow in. He is always giving opportunities to those he believes in and cultivating an excellent work environment." - Former Supervisor

    "He has a strong ability to think outside of the box and bring fresh ideas to the table. A lot of procedures we still use in the company today were developed and nurtured by him." - Former Supervisor

    "He has a natural ability to bring people together and work toward common goals and is an intuitive leader who uses a servant leadership approach." - Former Peer

    "He has a very sharp analytic skill set for financials and an innate comprehension of P&L's."
    - Former Peer

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    <![CDATA[General Manager - Award Winning Background]]>
  • 13 years as a General Manager with a national Casual Dining Concept doing between $3.7-4 million in sales per year
    • 9 of those years as a Training General Manager
    • Has trained and developed nearly 45 Managers company-wide
    • 4-time GM of the year winner across the entire company
  • General Manager and Senior Manager experience at Upscale Casual concepts doing $4-12 million in sales per year
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    Fri, 29 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is able to identify strong candidates and have them trained accordingly. He has a very strong crew and Management team. He always has a consistently clean business. His team takes great pride in having a Showcase Restaurant " - Former Peer

    "From my perspective, the only way he could improve is to be 100% perfect, everyday, and I have yet to meet this person. He is a model of consistency, with the ability to change with corporate initiatives. He embraces a companies culture, is the ambassador of his city, and mayor of his restaurant." - Former Supervisor

    "He has always ran an immaculate restaurant, that was always fully staffed and fully trained, as well as always exceeding the companies financial goals." - Former Supervisor

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    <![CDATA[General Manager - Full Service Experience]]>
  • 10+ years of Full Service General Manager experience with National Restaurant Concepts
  • GM experience with restaurants exceeding $3-4 million per year in sales
  • Extensive new store opening experience
  • Outstanding communicator and can rally his team behind him
  • Moving to Central Arkansas this summer
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    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He knows how to do this job with his eyes closed. He has done this for years and knows exactly what he is doing." - Former Supervisor

    "He is very efficient when it comes to the goals of the company and completing paperwork on time. He always had everything in order for the end of week, end of month, and end of quarter reports and meetings." - Former Supervisor

    "He is wonderful dealing with guests and is quick to turn around any negative experience that would arise in regards to customer service." -
    Former Peer

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    <![CDATA[General Manager - District Manager - Casual Dining]]>
  • 7+ years General Manager experience at National Full Service chains
  • Multi-Unit experience
  • Oversaw two stores that are in the top-5 nationwide among franchised units in this company
  • Loyalty Rewards program is 10% higher than the average franchised rate
  • Troubleshooted chaotic restaurants, turning them into well-run, profitable stores
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    Thu, 14 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He was a great mentor to me. Even after many years apart, I still give him credit for molding me into a mature young professional." - Former Employee

    "He has great alignment of his team and is able to deliver results with and through his people" - Former Supervisor

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    <![CDATA[General Manager - High Volume Casual Dining]]>
  • 10 years of managerial experience with a national casual dining chain
    • 5 years as a General Manager at locations doing up to $4 million in annual sales
  • Ability to build sales at every location he worked at
  • Troubleshooter for locations in the market, has quickly turned around underperforming units
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    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is highly motivated to achieve goals. Great comprehension of what it takes to operate a successful business that is profitable and creates a superior dining experience for the guest. Extremely high work ethic and would not hesitate to do whatever it takes to succeed and achieve goals." - Former Peer

    "During our time working together I was very pleased with his performance. He took all direction and feedback that I gave in strive and delivered the results I was looking for in the business."
    - Former Supervisor

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    <![CDATA[General Manager - Full Service Concept]]>
  • 12 years of Management experience with the same company
    • 8 years of GM experience at a restaurant doing between 80-110k per week in sales
  • Strong with cost control; is currently the Food Cost lead in her District
  • Cut turnover percentage from 170% to under 80%
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    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-2DFD6834-31D0-3E6D-9DCD-D4D0EB54FB44.jpg
    <![CDATA[Restaurant General Manager - Fast Casual Background]]>
  • 3+ years of GM experience with National Fast Casual Concepts
  • 1 year of District Manager experience with a National Family Style Concept
  • Strong ability to build sales; this candidate opened a location where sales were 17% over what corporate projected
  • Runs strong numbers; with a past employer, this person was #1 company-wide in a National Fast Casual concept in Food Cost, Cleanliness, Guest Service, and inventory metrics
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    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is the whole package. I am a District Manager currently which he taught me all I know today. I was his manager trainee at the time." - Former Employee

    "He is an absolute empathetic people pleaser. He maintains 100% composure in stressful of situations It was always a pleasure to go into his restaurant." - Former Supervisor

    "He has strong leadership and communication skills and posses the ability to bring out the best in people." - Former Employer

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    <![CDATA[Director of Operations/Multi-Unit GM - NYC/LI/Brooklyn]]> As the General Manager and Transition Team Member of a Golf Management company, this candidate has many accomplishments, which include:

    • Increased pool F & B revenues over 300% in first year
    • Streamlined FOH & BOH operations to obtain a 15% increase in ROI
    • Successfully negotiated over 180 vendor payables to recognize a $220,000 net savings
    • Consistently exceeded monthly EBITDAR by 5-20%

    Responsible for 4 properties, he consistently exceeded budget goals and showed positive ROI for ownership.  Has managed team of 100+

    Looking for a multi-unit Operations or GM role.  Would consider relocation based on total package.  


    Tue, 18 Sep 2018 00:00:00 EDT
  • Advanced Regional Cuisine Diploma – Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France
  • Club Managers Association of America - Certified Club Manager; Honor Society Induction
  • Metropolitan Club Managers Association (MCMA)
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