<![CDATA[Gecko Hospitality: talent_showcase]]> https://TALENT.GECKOHOSPITALITY.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Hotel Restaurant General Manager]]> A restaurant general manager with an extensive understanding of restaurant and bar operations for a full-service hotel.  Overseeing 4 departments with 20+ employees; increased YOY F&B revenue by 10%; responsible for increasing guest scores by 20% and increased team member survey scores by 25 points

Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-C6CEF573-8035-318D-8DE8-7508222D21E0.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of Membership / Industry Leader ]]> A seasoned and accomplished hospitality professional with 15+ years of experience working in sales, marketing, event planning, and customer relations. Serving as a Director of Membership for a renowned country club, this professional was improving products and services for customers by using advanced analytics, creating an innovative product and experience, and understanding the market and niche.   Possesses a strong understanding of Bay Area and national sales markets.  Finding unique trends and experiences to creatively allow the employer/facility to standout. Utilizes entrepreneurial mindset and customer relations background to sell to prospective and current clients a product they will not find anywhere else - keeping the longevity of the facility intact and revenue growing.

Mon, 01 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0E8D980C-39C0-318E-8888-8D4830687433.jpg
<![CDATA[General Manager / Industry Professional]]> This well-established hotelier has over 30 years of hospitality management experience including 20 years with Hilton Hotels Corporation as a GM and in a regional capacity as well as a Regional VP of Operations for Marcus Hotels and Packard Hospitality Group. His diverse hospitality background includes select and full-service hotels, major convention hotels & resorts and he has taken the lead role in brand conversions, renovation projects and new openings.  At his latest property, he oversaw $45 million in revenues, successfully completed a $15 million renovation and re-branded the resort. Under his leadership, hotels experienced significant and gradual increases in RevPar & RevPar index; as significant as 20%, while demonstrating a consistent year over year growth of between 5-6% over subsequent years. Financially, he was successful in consistently generating a 45-50% flow-through, mostly attributed to revenue growth, effective labor & cost management processes. Team member survey results at the last two hotels were successful in improving Engagement, Trust & Leadership results consistently year over year from a high of 11%, to an average year over year improvement of 2-3%. Prefers southern California but would also consider Texas and Arizona.

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-87EDA889-4F0D-318E-B1A3-0213C0121513.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of F&B / Executive Chef ]]> A passionate F&B leader and chef with 10+ years of experience for full-service casinos; managing and supervising a food and beverage team of more than 800 including 50 direct report managers for a department with revenues of $30 million annually

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-50647803-95A2-307E-9B92-CEB3A3599697.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of Food & Beverage / Industry Leader]]> A seasoned director of food and beverage operations with 20+ years of progressive experience for top full-service branded hotels; proficient in purchasing, catering, budgeting, training and development and menu implementation for both restaurants and room service; completed 3 major renovation projects; promoted 3 managers within the company; responsible for a F&B annual revenue of +$12 million and 30,000 sq. feet of convention space; increased guest satisfaction scores by 11%; brought down operating costs by 5% and increased F&B revenue by 38.5%.

Wed, 06 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-969A105F-46C9-3C8D-9E27-45F06795728F.jpg
<![CDATA[Senior Meetings and Special Events Manager ]]> A dynamic professional with 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry for a 5-star luxury hotel; managing events in a banquet space of 25,000 square feet; achieved a 100 event satisfaction score and 97.8 planning overall service

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0417F6CD-C393-3D14-BB15-D0A13DEDB654.jpg
<![CDATA[General Manager/ Managing Partner]]> Tenured Restaurant Professional with multiple concept management experience. Full Service - $M plus sales volume experience

Experience 3% sales increase in last role. 

BA In Marketing

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-7D6425CF-2C1D-3044-8A63-312E9CD428A8.jpg
<![CDATA[Executive Chef / F & B Department Manager ]]> A business minded leader and innovative and creative chef for a luxury beach resort; managing all outlets in a $15 million per year F&B Department with 35 kitchen staff; lowered food costs from 34% to 29% within 2 months

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-30BDB3EE-D7A2-3CAA-BFE1-5A1F684BED6E.jpg
<![CDATA[Executive Chef - Luxury Resort]]> A customer-centric and creative executive chef with 15+ years of experience managing high profile hotel and fine dining kitchen environments; managing multiple outlets for a luxury resort while supervising 40+ staff members; reduced financial discrepancies by managing a $1.5 million F&B budget with zero profit erosion; sustained a 23% food cost rate against a 27% industry standard

Tue, 28 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-8B9079FF-AA3C-3D8E-8D4C-460704255B60.jpg
<![CDATA[Food & Beverage Director/Executive Chef]]> A seasoned and accomplished food and beverage professional and executive chef with 17 years of experience for a full-service hotel; increased outlet sales by app. 5% above budget for 2017; decreased beverage cost by 1.5% year-on-year for the past 3 years; achieved a current score of 100% YTD for F&B event satisfaction

Thu, 23 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-19D226B6-B1C0-3935-B7F7-920E2E7A0E70.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of Rooms - Luxury Boutique Hotel]]> An experienced director of rooms for a luxury boutique hotel; leading a team of 8 managers and 6 supervisors; in 6 months, increased Trip Advisor ranking by 29 points and Market Metrix guest satisfaction scores by 20 points; redeveloped the front office SOPs and the housekeeping inventory system

Thu, 23 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-F2513EE1-6417-3C43-8C6F-62DDA4817A55.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of Housekeeping - Luxury Hotel]]> An experienced director of housekeeping with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry for a luxury hotel; achieved the highest approval rating from Local 11; achieved the highest GEI Cleanliness of 99% in 2016; achieved highest Cleanliness OSAT of 90% in 2014; received highest Brand Standard Audit of 97.9% for Cleanliness in 2013

Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-D93FCF69-F024-3092-9100-1031E45394E1.jpg
<![CDATA[General Manager - Full Service Hotels]]> An award-winning General Manager with over 15 years in the hospitality business and experience in full service, midscale, and select service properties. They have led teams through large scale renovations of over $1.5 million and oversaw the start up of a newly built property. This determined individual has increased customer service scores by over 20% in one year for a branded property. She received the prominent General Manager of the Year Award and the Woman Executive of the Year Award.

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-8880D19B-7C0C-39EF-9CB4-19AB7BC309FD.jpg
<![CDATA[Director of Operations/Multi-Unit GM - NYC/LI/Brooklyn]]> As the General Manager and Transition Team Member of a Golf Management company, this candidate has many accomplishments, which include:

  • Increased pool F & B revenues over 300% in first year
  • Streamlined FOH & BOH operations to obtain a 15% increase in ROI
  • Successfully negotiated over 180 vendor payables to recognize a $220,000 net savings
  • Consistently exceeded monthly EBITDAR by 5-20%

Responsible for 4 properties, he consistently exceeded budget goals and showed positive ROI for ownership.  Has managed team of 100+

Looking for a multi-unit Operations or GM role.  Would consider relocation based on total package.  


Tue, 18 Sep 2018 00:00:00 EDT
  • Advanced Regional Cuisine Diploma – Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France
  • Club Managers Association of America - Certified Club Manager; Honor Society Induction
  • Metropolitan Club Managers Association (MCMA)
  • ]]>
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    <![CDATA[Director of Restaurants / Industry Leader]]> An accomplished and driven food and beverage leader for a 5-star luxury hotel; managing and supervising 12 managers with a F&B revenue totaling more than $20 million; increased Medallia score by 12 points; reduced labor cost by 16% while increasing productivity

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-EEE67C99-B2B9-3CA4-8339-463C216A3E79.jpg
    <![CDATA[Executive Chef / Culinary Professional]]> A seasoned chef with experience in country clubs, golf clubs full service hotels and resorts; leading a culinary operation with 50 employees; maintaining food cost at 21%; experienced in international cuisine including Mediterranean and kosher cuisines

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4DCB7B89-1C75-34EC-8376-F8707585E7F2.jpg
    <![CDATA[Restaurant General Manager - Full Service Concept]]>
  • Several years of General Manager experience with Nationally Recognized Full Service Restaurants
  • Training General Manager experience
  • Restaurant General Manager experience at Full Service concepts doing over $5 million in sales annually
    • One concept this candidate was able to raise weekly sales from 60k to over 110k per week 
  • ]]>
    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is a terrific people manager. Staff and managers truly adore him and will do anything for him because he treats his team well, holds them accountable, educates and takes the time to develop them. He has a strong history of delivering on or exceeding targets whether it be P&L, customer metrics, turnover, etc." - Former Supervisor

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-9B9FFD8A-8C64-3E84-876F-A75EC3AFFD6A.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Diverse Experience]]> An accomplished and energetic hospitality professional with 20+ years of hands-on progressive and diverse experience and for the past 5+ years a General Manager for a full-service hotel;  increased ADR by 200% within a 3 year period, and RevPAR by 200% also within a 3 year period.  

    Consistently exceeded brand metrics for guest satisfaction, QA audits, and improved social media rankings 


    Fri, 26 Oct 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0699F0CD-9631-3501-905A-4B750397D230.jpg
    <![CDATA[Restaurant General Manager - Fast Casual Background]]>
  • 3+ years of GM experience with National Fast Casual Concepts
  • 1 year of District Manager experience with a National Family Style Concept
  • Strong ability to build sales; this candidate opened a location where sales were 17% over what corporate projected
  • Runs strong numbers; with a past employer, this person was #1 company-wide in a National Fast Casual concept in Food Cost, Cleanliness, Guest Service, and inventory metrics
  • ]]>
    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is the whole package. I am a District Manager currently which he taught me all I know today. I was his manager trainee at the time." - Former Employee

    "He is an absolute empathetic people pleaser. He maintains 100% composure in stressful of situations It was always a pleasure to go into his restaurant." - Former Supervisor

    "He has strong leadership and communication skills and posses the ability to bring out the best in people." - Former Employer

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-EDA6FA94-EA68-3F51-ABF7-8F47CF7BC8B3.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager/Director of Sales]]> This superstar has 15 years of experience in the hospitality business. This skilled professional oversaw a $5 million award winning renovation in 2015. Leading the growth to reach new milestones, this manager, surpassed budget by over 30% in the property’s second year. Achieved Platinum Hotel Award in a new brand.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-F50AF42B-3F72-3820-AAD2-3CF7F1A89398.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Full Service Concept]]>
  • 12 years of Management experience with the same company
    • 8 years of GM experience at a restaurant doing between 80-110k per week in sales
  • Strong with cost control; is currently the Food Cost lead in her District
  • Cut turnover percentage from 170% to under 80%
  • ]]>
    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-2DFD6834-31D0-3E6D-9DCD-D4D0EB54FB44.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager/Director of Operations]]> Well-seasoned General Manager with SQF, PCQI, and Manager level HACCP certifications. This high quality candidate has worked for numerous top of the line organizations including 4 star hotels, country clubs, and two of the largest convention centers in the nation. A well-rounded hospitality professional with practice in Food & Beverage, General Management, and Operational Management.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-97C2095D-2968-36DB-8430-0A5FFEF9E0BE.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager / Award Winning GM]]> An award winning general manager with 18+ years of experience in the hospitality industry for mid-scale hotels with experience in multiple brands; responsible for an overall operation with $16 million in revenues; achieved 117% RevPAR index; awarded regional general manager of the year for 2011 and responsible for the hotel being awarded consecutive outstanding quality inspections for a period of 4 years

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-2BAC8316-2A23-3413-A6FD-1C8BB2BB80E0.jpg
    <![CDATA[Executive Chef - Full-service & Upscale Hotels]]> Expert Executive Chef with over 20 years of experience at full-service and upscale properties as well as conference centers and unique venues with facilities exceeding 20,000 square feet. This skilled professional has successfully ran operations with food revenues of over $3 million annually. They have created a plethora of creative menus catering to the environment of each individual property. This professional is a Certified Executive Chef.

    Thu, 21 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-2BFD9DB6-0AF3-3D3B-915D-9B3BACCCC76A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Catering Sales Manager - Full Service Hotels]]> This high-energy, motivated professional has practice in negotiating contracts, event planning, and logistics of corporate events, weddings, and meetings at conference centers and full-service hotels. They have handled over $25,000 in transactions for event spaces. They are a very capable individual and have organized and executed an expo with over 25 vendors.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-24916D73-A197-34F4-BE8C-829A8FB64E65.jpg
    <![CDATA[Area Director of Operations & General Manager]]> Accomplished area director of operations and general manager for 50+ properties including full-service, extended stay and select service hotels; delivered overall portfolio performance average of 49% GOP, 70% flow through and 126% RevPAR Index; enhanced F&B profit contribution by 33% and developed additional revenue streams resulting in a 20% increase in incremental revenue; recipient of the President’s RevPAR Champion Award (2005-2011) with annual penetration index over 160%

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-3A8A31DC-C6B1-3E20-A9F0-B9061777E5D9.jpg
    <![CDATA[Food & Beverage Manager - Upscale Hotels]]> Enthusiastic and eager Food and Beverage Manager for an upscale property with 3 F&B outlets. This professional also has 2 years of Event Coordinator experience, coordinating events with up to 300 guests. They have managed teams of up to 40 employees. This individual’s property has passed their food service inspections with scores of 85% or higher.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-B78B3C0B-F1B2-3C66-A27E-CF7A232E2A86.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Operations, Food & Beverage]]> Accomplished director of operations and director of food and beverage for a renowned full-service hotel; increased F&B revenue by 40% year on year; achieved 17% increase in Employee Survey Scores and increased guest service scores to 90%

    Thu, 23 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-50FAB169-77E3-3CFA-8642-749AB0B2A56A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Guest Services & Front Office Manager]]> A passionate and driven service-oriented hotelier with exceptional knowledge of all room’s and operational departments for a luxury resort; achieved Arrival & Departure Experiences of 90+ points in 2016; achieved a 35.8% room revenue growth in 2015; obtained an Associate Engagement Survey score of 84.3 points in 2016; implemented a renewed Incentive SOP for the Front Office which produced an increase year over year of 55% in upselling and walk-ins at the Front Desk

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-DF0CE7AA-41C3-3FC2-AB20-A1BE1E39223A.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - High Volume Casual Dining]]>
  • 10 years of managerial experience with a national casual dining chain
    • 5 years as a General Manager at locations doing up to $4 million in annual sales
  • Ability to build sales at every location he worked at
  • Troubleshooter for locations in the market, has quickly turned around underperforming units
  • ]]>
    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is highly motivated to achieve goals. Great comprehension of what it takes to operate a successful business that is profitable and creates a superior dining experience for the guest. Extremely high work ethic and would not hesitate to do whatever it takes to succeed and achieve goals." - Former Peer

    "During our time working together I was very pleased with his performance. He took all direction and feedback that I gave in strive and delivered the results I was looking for in the business."
    - Former Supervisor

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-17E27215-7DE0-3BCE-880A-AC146190F255.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Sales and Marketing ]]> DOSM for 700+ room, $70+m property in NYC.  Candidate managed 10 sales and catering sales managers. Did all of the marketing for the property and worked closely with the field marketing.  Candidate prefers big hotels and has many years of experience in that market.  Is numbers motivated and always exceeded goals.  Grew RevPAR 5 points by working with corporate groups and higher rate markets.  Strength is leading by example and helping people to grow in their careers. 

    Manager of the Quarter - many times

    Manager of the Year

    Sales Team of the Year



    Tue, 02 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT People manager

    Account Management


    Organizational Skills



    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-1C8820D0-7706-3536-8BA5-48E056189A19.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - District Manager - Casual Dining]]>
  • 7+ years General Manager experience at National Full Service chains
  • Multi-Unit experience
  • Oversaw two stores that are in the top-5 nationwide among franchised units in this company
  • Loyalty Rewards program is 10% higher than the average franchised rate
  • Troubleshooted chaotic restaurants, turning them into well-run, profitable stores
  • ]]>
    Thu, 14 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He was a great mentor to me. Even after many years apart, I still give him credit for molding me into a mature young professional." - Former Employee

    "He has great alignment of his team and is able to deliver results with and through his people" - Former Supervisor

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-3FAE753D-5A9E-3BBE-B409-00F2939855D8.jpg
    <![CDATA[Regional/District Manager - High Volume Experience]]>
  • 5+ years of Multi-Unit experience with Casual to Upscale Casual concepts; currently oversees 5 locations doing $20 million in sales
  • Has single-store volume experience with Upscale to Fine Dining concept exceeding $14 million in sales per year
  • Took a location losing $1.4 million in sales per year and turned it into a regularly profitable restaurant
  • Created training manuals and programs for companies he's worked for
  • Created and built their accounting procedures including developing the P&L's and reporting procedures
  • Strong developer of talent; he's developed 8-10 Managers from within his own ranks
  • ]]>
    Fri, 29 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is excellent at motivating and building a culture that team members thrive and grow in. He is always giving opportunities to those he believes in and cultivating an excellent work environment." - Former Supervisor

    "He has a strong ability to think outside of the box and bring fresh ideas to the table. A lot of procedures we still use in the company today were developed and nurtured by him." - Former Supervisor

    "He has a natural ability to bring people together and work toward common goals and is an intuitive leader who uses a servant leadership approach." - Former Peer

    "He has a very sharp analytic skill set for financials and an innate comprehension of P&L's."
    - Former Peer

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-30F8402D-C72F-3B6E-B8C3-57B04B6509B7.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Award Winning Background]]>
  • 13 years as a General Manager with a national Casual Dining Concept doing between $3.7-4 million in sales per year
    • 9 of those years as a Training General Manager
    • Has trained and developed nearly 45 Managers company-wide
    • 4-time GM of the year winner across the entire company
  • General Manager and Senior Manager experience at Upscale Casual concepts doing $4-12 million in sales per year
  • ]]>
    Fri, 29 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He is able to identify strong candidates and have them trained accordingly. He has a very strong crew and Management team. He always has a consistently clean business. His team takes great pride in having a Showcase Restaurant " - Former Peer

    "From my perspective, the only way he could improve is to be 100% perfect, everyday, and I have yet to meet this person. He is a model of consistency, with the ability to change with corporate initiatives. He embraces a companies culture, is the ambassador of his city, and mayor of his restaurant." - Former Supervisor

    "He has always ran an immaculate restaurant, that was always fully staffed and fully trained, as well as always exceeding the companies financial goals." - Former Supervisor

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-8214B27B-0E0C-3A8F-93A4-E0BE382A39C5.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Human Resources/Area Director]]> 10+ years as Director of Human Resources, many of those as Corporate Director of HR.  Candidate has worked at luxury resorts around the world, corporate offices, as well as both big and small box hotels.  Supervises 5+direct staff; handles all of the hiring for 10+ properties; has managed 5 HR Directors and hiring for 800 employee property.   

    Union experience

    Looking for a Director of HR/Corporate Director/Regional Director of HR position in NY

    Thu, 07 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-04BC7C58-9428-3B28-A29B-BEBF6AA05331.jpg
    <![CDATA[Upscale and Lifestyle Hotel Director of Sales]]> This is an accomplished, results-oriented DOS with over 19 years of Hotel Sales experience. She most recently worked as Director of Sales for an upscale lifestyle property with 200+ rooms, 5 F& B Outlets, Rooftop Bar and 14,000 sq. ft of meeting space. She consistently exceeded 100% Group RevPAR Index goal and built the hotels business transient market from scratch. She comes with heavy catering, events and wedding background at her properties.

    Fri, 15 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-C7541D0D-928E-3D39-8202-89D89D07E6F7.jpg
    <![CDATA[Senior Level Hospitality Executive]]> A senior level hospitality executive with demonstrable achievements in strategic thinking, financial results and leadership at property, regional and corporate levels.  Entrepreneurial approach to problem solving with significant experience in openings, acquisitions, turnarounds and food and beverage.  A pioneer in green hotels, with successes in limited service to ultra-luxury assets.  A highly motivated and inspiring leader and manager.

    Mon, 10 Sep 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-9A285B43-EAFF-3438-A525-416BEBD36AA5.jpg
    <![CDATA[Area Director of Sales & Marketing]]> A seasoned sales and marketing professional with 18+ years of hospitality sales experience for limited service hotels; expanded market share by 49% and responsible for increases in revenue by 5-10 points for 4 properties

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-9F4E3623-8E27-3807-8613-63EB9E04C87C.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Human Resources / Industry Leader]]> A strategic Human Resources professional with 15+ years of diverse experience dealing with people and promoting profit goals.  Excellent negotiator, organized, enthusiastic personality, and expert in solving complex problems. He also has a passion for understanding the business and being a business partner that will assist leaders to reach the business strategic goals for growth.



    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0308A677-7858-3DEF-BB08-1CF588EB42FA.jpg
    <![CDATA[Vice President of Resort Operations]]> A seasoned hospitality professional with more than 2 decades of solid progressive leadership roles in full-service luxury hotel management in North America, Europe and Asia; led the opening of one of the most luxurious resorts in the world; had direct reports of 19 Director-level subordinates; co-responsible for an annual revenue budget of $78 million; achieved Employee Engagement Survey result of 100% and highest ranking (k) in Employee Turnover Rate; improved Gallup Full Guest Engagement score by 14.4%; exceeded actual profitability vs. forecasted by more than 400%

    Thu, 23 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-530A9966-C0F5-3CA1-8104-5C3443CA5C37.jpg
    <![CDATA[Country Club General Manager / COO]]> An outgoing and proven leader with over 30 years of club experience both as a PGA Golf Professional and as a General Manager / COO at upscale private equity clubs.  Areas of expertise include financial accountability with emphasis on budget management and cost control; pragmatic leadership in all areas of management; honest and transparent communications with the Board of Directors, club members and staff; golf programs and course maintenance; focused food & beverage programs; and membership sales and retention.  Served effectively on all internal committees including long range planning, greens, golf, house, tennis, communications, and facilities.  Proper and effective budgeting, forecasting, P&L management, exciting club activities, and team building are all critical to a successful operation and a satisfied membership. Completed a greens renovation consisting of 30 putting surfaces at a recognized PGA Tour stop facility. Relocation is welcomed provided the opportunity allows for personal and professional growth within the club and community.

    Tue, 05 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-89B702D0-90AD-3E79-8DBD-D2D889570B1E.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager / 20+ Years Experience ]]> An accomplished leader with 20+ years of experience as general manager for top branded full-service hotels; consistently increasing overall revenue for the properties.  Currently managing a $12 million operation; improved SALT scores by 23% and increased room revenue by more than $800k in 2018.

    Thu, 11 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-7A58C2FE-8833-3FD3-874D-485C5080B151.jpg
    <![CDATA[Executive Chef - Full Service Resort ]]> An accomplished and results driven executive chef for a full-service resort; member of the executive team responsible for an increase in F&B revenue of $1+ million in a 2-year period achieving 9 million in hotel revenue; increased OSAT by 9 points and ITR by 6 points; created new pop-up concept resulting in 30% increase in outlet F&B sales; maintained food cost at 20.5%

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-1148FB15-8A6D-348C-8B8F-1A8D1F1726A2.jpg
    <![CDATA[Senior Hospitality Executive - Upscale & Full Service]]> A successful and accomplished senior executive with 20+ years of experience in hotel management and food & beverage for full-service and upscale hotels; built $353 million in portfolio value growth in less than 3 years increasing value of assets by 48% and reversing revenue decline to overall $9+ million in profits; translated potential default to an award-winning portfolio of expertly-operated hotels with brand rankings in the top 10% of their respective brands

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-AA58F04D-BB76-3246-893A-3BE096AD5A94.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager/Director of Operations]]> A determined, hands-on professional with exceptional knowledge of all room’s and operational departments managing a select service hotel. This manager has greatly impacted guest satisfaction, increasing Guest Satisfaction scores by 22% from 2015 to 2018. Nominated for GM of the Year in 2016.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-3382A5E5-9A38-3BB9-BC29-4DABEF51954A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Executive Chef - Full Service Hotel]]> A hands-on executive chef with 25 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry; responsible for all aspects of food production for a 720-room full-service hotel; managing, mentoring and training a staff of 50 including 6 supervisors; responsible for developing and producing banquet and a la carte menus for social events with close to 2,000 guests; exceeded budget targets and reduced food cost by app. 20%

    Thu, 23 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-A52FBE50-103A-374F-917F-C2DE6EDB1773.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - High Volume Full Service]]>
  • 20+ years of GM experience with National Casual Dining concepts
  • Experience overseeing volume of $3-5 million per year
  • Was a GM for 15 years with most recent employer
  • Outstanding eye for talent
    • Promoted 12 hourly employees into Managerial positions
    • Promoted 12 Managers into General Manager positions
  • Expert at improving restaurant culture and making his establishment a place people want to work at
  • ]]>
    Fri, 12 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He met all expectations while I supervised him and is one of the best restaurant leaders I have ever met." - Former Supervisor

    "He is a great communicator, very level-headed, and wonderful with guests and team members." - Former Peer

    "He has excellent communication skills with his team, guests and everyone he came into contact with in the restaurant." - Former Supervisor

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-1B51F899-424F-382F-8469-1D78332359FD.jpg
    <![CDATA[Assistant General Manager / Hospitality Professional ]]> This professional has 10+ years of progressive experience in the hospitality industry with a proven track record in operations, revenue management, F&B and sales for a full-service hotel; managing the day-to-day operations of the hotel while overseeing and mentoring a staff of 50; assisted in establishing a new F&B concept generating more than $2 million in annual sales; oversaw and managed a renovation with a budget of $9+ million

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-739EE969-4FA3-3CC4-BDB1-D6D2167F3218.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Extended Stay & Select Service Hotels]]> A seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in hotel management with extended stay and select service properties. Has successfully led two properties through re-branding periods. This outstanding individual was voted the Best Practice team member and their property has achieved the J.D. Power Award.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4FB64556-7869-39ED-96FB-376FF93C273A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Area Director of Human Resources]]> Candidate has 10+ years in management of hotel Human Resources departments; currently an Area Director outside of NYC and looking to get back into the city; candidate has pre-opening and union experience; opened a 300+ room property and hired 120 employees; responsible for payroll, discipline, investigations, work comp, training, compliance, risk managment, safety, recruitment, onboard/offboard, employee of the month, community service/outreach, holiday celebrations, employee engagement.  Extensive experience in a strategic human resources role.  

    Mon, 25 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT SHRM member






    Workers Comp



    Risk Management


    Community Outreach



    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-A3B594BC-980B-3C37-9628-818B74BACF3D.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Full Service Experience]]>
  • 10+ years of Full Service General Manager experience with National Restaurant Concepts
  • GM experience with restaurants exceeding $3-4 million per year in sales
  • Extensive new store opening experience
  • Outstanding communicator and can rally his team behind him
  • Moving to Central Arkansas this summer
  • ]]>
    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT "He knows how to do this job with his eyes closed. He has done this for years and knows exactly what he is doing." - Former Supervisor

    "He is very efficient when it comes to the goals of the company and completing paperwork on time. He always had everything in order for the end of week, end of month, and end of quarter reports and meetings." - Former Supervisor

    "He is wonderful dealing with guests and is quick to turn around any negative experience that would arise in regards to customer service." -
    Former Peer

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-63BA0570-7A00-3ACE-93FB-E80D354B5533.jpg
    <![CDATA[Front Office Manager/Guest Service Manager]]> Polished and articulate professional focused on exceptional guest experience at their full-service hotel and conference center. This individual achieved over $19,000 in room revenue by adjusting rates and grew their customer base for meeting and conference rooms by 14%. They also raised their Guest Service Index average by 17% in one year.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-035ED6A4-8111-396E-8DE0-6AD552B010B5.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager ]]> This versatile hospitality leader has led successful teams in both hotels and private golf clubs working with Hyatt, Hilton, American Golf and ClubCorp.  He is a self-proclaimed revenue management nerd responsible for revenues of over $25 million and has mentored many team members that have gone on to manage their own upscale hotels and clubs. He is extremely proficient in budgeting, rate strategies, all human resource functions and extensive remodels, as well as brand conversions and new openings. He increased F&B revenues from $1.3 million to $2.9 million over a seven-year period with marketing initiatives, menu engineering and upselling and consistently increased golf rounds 13% to 20%.  He has experience with a union environment, downtown corporate hotels, destination locations and airport properties. While he pushes for and believes RevPar is “king”, he is adept at streamlining labor and COGS controls. He also takes pride in his ability to have outstanding relationships with his staff, getting maximum performance. Available for both southern and northern California locations. 

    Tue, 26 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4C313179-62A7-3F9C-9849-480A6007E89E.jpg
    <![CDATA[Country Club Executive Chef / Industry Leader ]]> An accomplished Executive Chef working for high end Country Clubs for the last 10 years.  In his current role, he oversees a staff of 20 with approximately 2.5 million in F&B sales.  Reduced food cost by 20% by implementing new SOP's in the kitchen, reducing the number of high cost buffets, hiring a pastry chef and moving to a complete scratch kitchen.]]> Mon, 01 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-68A1580C-C3D3-3790-8D9B-89CB548F8E7F.jpg <![CDATA[Director of Food & Beverage / Experienced Manager]]> A seasoned and accomplished food and beverage professional with extensive experience in sales, operations, guest and employee relations, cost control, P&L, grand openings, menu creations, purchasing and union contracts; improved beverage cost from 37% to 20% and food cost from 55% to 30%

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-C3055555-A7AC-3DBE-9358-89FBBCEC46A9.jpg
    <![CDATA[President & General Manager / Industry Leader]]> He was hired to transition a little known, summer-only property into a nationally recognized resort and concert facility. In his 28 years as the GM and President, he was responsible for the creation, design and building of an outdoor amphitheater, an indoor dinner theater program, a 20,000 sq foot Spa and several F&B outlets. This resulted in the creation of a successful, year round, full service waterfront Resort, that featured a premier concert and entertainment facility, attracting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry throughout the years. Under his direction, the resort won several national and local awards. He was able to continue growing revenues yearly averaging anywhere from 4% to 8%; F&B revenues peaked around $6 million and total revenues around $20 million annually.  He met or exceeded budget 12 consecutive years. He was also very involved with volunteering and with the community and was honored by the County Board of Supervisors proclaiming a day in his honor. He would prefer to stay on the west coast, but would consider all potential opportunities. 


    Thu, 21 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-03553050-34FC-3E02-B42D-D22284F5C808.jpg
    <![CDATA[Hotel Manager / Diverse Experience]]> A dynamic and driven hotel manager with diverse experience working for luxury and boutique hotels; increased gross operating income by 10%; reduced monthly departmental expenses by 9%; achieved Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and maintained top 20 ranking out of 232 hotels

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-07C6E5BE-78BE-33AB-8FB7-B2A09FA0AF9E.jpg
    <![CDATA[Catering Sales Manager / Industry Leader]]> A highly motivated solutions-driven professional with a strong background in event sales and customer service; currently working as a catering sales manager for a reputable conference center; collaboratively produced $2.5 million in sales in her third year of employment; has strong working relationships with fortune 100 companies; achieved new sales through creating new marketing concepts and campaigns.   

    Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4FAB9978-E52A-3AA1-BD4E-3D856D307226.jpg
    <![CDATA[Controller - Upscale & Full Service Hotels]]> A focused, hard-working professional with controlling experience at upscale and full-service properties. They have 10+ years of practice in the hospitality industry in an accounting or controlling role. Known for their meticulous and quality work, they have developed annual budgets for all hotel operations with up to $13 million in annual revenues.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-53D6E3F1-20D7-393D-A60D-B3B2CB1BB12F.jpg
    <![CDATA[Sales Manager - Upscale Hotels]]> A successful and accomplished sales manager focusing on the group business segment for an upscale (all suites) hotel; increased revenue by 167% in the groups segment (fiscal year 2016-2017); grew ADR by $16 over last fiscal year vs. previous fiscal year; grew weekend ADR by 2%; increased revenue by 177% in the first 3 quarters of FY 2017-2018 and growing the number of group sales by 50% each quarter

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-BA262EE2-0B2D-381D-B319-561D626E8EDF.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager - Boutique Hotel]]> Very experienced general manager for a boutique hotel; decreased turnover rate from 40% to 12%; increased occupancy to 97% and increased RevPAR by 5.2%; increased TripAdvisor positioning to #2 in the hotel’s market; awarded manager of the year for 2016 and 2017

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-CE3953BC-516B-3F71-913A-C3BD42A2983A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Outlets - Luxury & Full-service Hotels]]> Award-winning Director of Outlets with experience at luxury and full-service hotels as well as large resorts. This highly talented professional has overseen up to five F & B outlets at a time and has opened new F & B outlets at luxury properties. They have implemented creative new initiatives to drive revenues – generating over $5,000 in additional revenue per month. This individual received an excellence award for overachieving brand goals.

    Thu, 21 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-82749EB4-9871-3D84-8B5C-74D98051C2D6.jpg
    <![CDATA[Chief Engineer / Industry Leader]]> Chief hotel engineer for the last 3 years, this candidate has been involved with all aspects of the department.  Managing contracts, supply requisitions, budgeting, training staff, working with management and owners, all while handling incoming calls from clients and colleagues.  Currently at a property he opened 3 years ago, and manages more than 10 engineers and 1 supervisor.  

    Tue, 26 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT Contract negotiations, changes with vendors, clients, etc.

    Managing supplies

    Working with building code officials

    Quality control

    BS - NYU


    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-6C182360-5319-3A82-9201-694ABDBEEBE7.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager / Experienced F&B Background]]> An accomplished general manager with a strong food and beverage background for a full-service hotel; increased revenues by 18% and GOP by 13% in 2017; lowered food costs from more than 50% to 28% and beverage costs from 30% to 19%

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-03B66B84-1109-3006-B833-4CE4F258995E.jpg
    <![CDATA[Corporate Controller - Upscale & Full Service]]> A strong management professional with over 15 years of Hospitality Controller experience in corporate roles, regional roles, upscale and full-service properties. This Controller has outstanding knowledge of 20 different hotel systems. They have received the prestigious awards of both the Controller of the Year and the Manager of the Year.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-E8876997-A98F-385B-B8C7-09D16175836A.jpg
    <![CDATA[Vice President & General Manager]]> Quality driven, results oriented hospitality professional with Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group and independent properties with a proven track record of generating topline revenue, market share and profit growth. Specializing in hotel revenue management, ecommerce, sales and marketing, internal controls, property operations, food and beverage, renovations, capital planning, technology, total quality management and multi-brand, multi-property operations and asset management. Experienced in both union and non-union properties from small select service hotels to large full service convention and resort hotels up to 1,576 rooms and up to 100,000 square feet of banquet, meeting and convention space. Completed Hotel Renovations from $1 million to over $30 million. Increased F&B Total Revenue +$1.6 million, +39%; Net Profit +24% year over year. Certified Hospitality Administrator (CHA); guest speaker; educator and mentor.
    Marriott International General Manager Global Leadership Excellence Award Marriott International Financial Excellence Award
    Trailing 12 month Total Revenue +$3.2 million, +6%; Flow-through 59.8%; Improved GOP by 275% over 5 year period
    #1 in Guest Satisfaction for 3 consecutive years for hotel brand, Greater Los Angeles

    Mon, 22 Oct 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4F8D2E6E-655B-3018-B84C-B3B564612F4D.jpg
    <![CDATA[Sales and Catering Manager - Country Clubs]]> Candidate has been in hospitality sales, catering, and convention service industry for 15+ years.  Her experience at some of the finest hotels in NYC has given her the experience of catering to the finest details.  She has extensive experience working with the luxury market and enjoys working with clients that have high expectations.  Candidate is looking to make a switch to the country club market.  

    Thu, 07 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-FD346BDA-A66D-3418-AF9C-273D3BAD8F51.jpg
    <![CDATA[Corporate or Area Director of Revenue Management]]> Extremely confidential Area or Corporate DORM.  5+ years as an Area Director of Revenue Management, managing revenue strategy for some key properties in NYC.  Works closely with the sales team for revenue maximization and is a trainer for Revenue Directors within the company. Consistently moved up the ranks in the company and has a strong relationship with ownership and corporate office.   Success in opening hotels as well as growing revenue and market share.  This candidate will be a true asset to any Corporate Office.  Due to confidentiality, we are unable to share some of the greater highlights of the candidate's resume.  

    Tue, 26 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT Pre-opening experience

    Long tenure

    Multi-property Director of Revenue Management

    Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager

    Certified Revenue Management Executive

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-F2A3B9DD-29C1-306F-8FE3-99849908D9DD.jpg
    <![CDATA[Operations Manager - Full Service Hotel]]> A seasoned operations manager with 25+ years of progressive experience in the hospitality industry currently with a large conference center and a full service hotel; managing all aspects of the operations including F&B, Housekeeping, Guest Services and Retail Operations with 300+ rooms, 30+ meeting/banquet rooms and a dining room with 750 seats; managing and training 20+ managers and supervisors and 100+ hourly staff members; achieved a 15% increase in retail YOY and 30% increase in F&B YOY; received Manager of the Quarter in 2013 and Supervisor of the Year in 2011 for Monterey County

    Thu, 30 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-48119F4A-513B-360F-B4EC-E1A36AD240FD.jpg
    <![CDATA[Regional Director of Sales & Marketing]]> An accomplished sales leader with 18 years of proven successful sales and marketing experience in the hotel industry; directing and supporting sales and marketing efforts for a portfolio of 25+ hotels producing $260+ million in revenue; achieved a 7.6% RevPAR growth and 2.4% RevPAR Index growth for 2017

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-CF08A965-4315-3B72-94DB-991420A35E47.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Outlets - Upscale Hotels]]> Outstanding management professional with over 10 years of management experience. This very polished professional has worked at luxury properties and been responsible for more than five F & B outlets at a time. They have opened three new F & B outlets for luxury properties. This impressive individual also achieved a Triple A 4 Diamond award at their property.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-489BE82B-1FD0-3626-B451-F3174FC9420B.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Operations - Luxury Hotel]]> A seasoned, astute, and results-oriented professional, offering extensive experience in hotel and resort management for a luxury hotel; drove key efforts in achieving 90.5% occupancy index, 110% ADR index and 99.2% RevPAR index; responsible for achieving four-star rating from Forbes in 2016, $14.8 million in revenues in 2016 and increased ADR from $454 to $491 in 2016

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-C59E39CB-8FE5-33B9-A55D-4168988FCBBB.jpg
    <![CDATA[Catering and Special Events Director]]> A seasoned hospitality professional with 20+ years of experience in special events, catering and sales.  Worked for top luxury hotels as well as some of the most prestigious private and country clubs in Southern California. Skilled in creative event development with extensive experience in event logistics, budgeting and execution.  Possesses strong ability to cultivate positive relationships with internal and external partners

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-951240A8-5E6F-3D64-8F42-91D70C2C2DE5.jpg
    <![CDATA[Regional Director of Revenue Management]]> In Revenue Management for 15+ years, most recently, this candidate has Regional Director of Revenue Management for 4 years; Revenue Manager for individual properties up to 1300 rooms and $74m in rooms revenue; Area Director role in NYC for 3 properties generating $160m in rooms revenue; managed 5 Revenue Managers; Candidate works well with General Managers and on property sales department; Extensive experience and has been successful in flag conversions

    Mon, 25 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT Strategic Business Planning

    Motivational Leadership

    Revenue Strategy&Analysis

    Budgeting & Forecasting

    Positioning & Inventory Management

    1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-FF511DA2-6BCB-349B-9ECB-E92484AC50F7.jpg
    <![CDATA[Operations Manager / Industry Leader ]]> A versatile hotelier with strong business acumen and customer service skills. With 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry worked in the Middle East and Asia for renowned and International brands, gained experience in multi-cultural and diverse environments to maintain employee and customer relations to create success.  Strong in people management and works efficiently to achieve business goals and GOP for the company. Experienced in pre-openings, coaching and mentoring employees.  Achieved revenue growth by 2% YOY as Director of Rooms; achieved employee satisfaction score from 94% to 95%; improved guest satisfaction score from by 2% every year in Medallia.

    Sun, 10 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-0013F019-99F5-33D7-8DE9-A5A13D9B998B.jpg
    <![CDATA[General Manager/Director of Operations]]> A talented and highly capable General Manager that oversaw the more than $20 million opening of their boutique property. This individual led the growth to new milestones by achieving over 75% occupancy and maintaining a top ten ranking out of over 300 properties within the brand for 3 years in a row. This manager also received the General Manager of the Year accolade in 2018.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-3A73B32B-5101-36B1-8AAD-6585C74B76FE.jpg
    <![CDATA[Casino Manager / Extensive Project Management ]]> A creative professional with extensive project management experience from concept to development for a full-service resort and casino; overseeing daily operations of 11 outlets while managing 200 staff members including 8 assistant managers; increased sales by 80%; earned Gold Medallion Award 9 years in a row

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 00:00:00 EST 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-4BE59C80-F461-39AA-9DF5-2A6AE5BE51A7.jpg
    <![CDATA[Food & Beverage and Hotel Operations Executive]]> A highly accomplished hospitality executive with 30+ years of progressive and diverse domestic and international experience in hotel operations, food and beverage and culinary arts for top branded full-service hotels and casinos; planned and opened a large casino with eight F&B outlets; led a multi-functional team of 400+ including 30+ managers;  led F&B and hotel operations with sales of $60 million per year; achieved #1 ranking of a full-service hotel on Trip Advisor in the Bay Area; member of the culinary council and member of the Restaurant & Bar Council for Marriott International for several years.

    Mon, 18 Mar 2019 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-2BD043B0-647A-3C7E-9A75-744C96BA0C78.jpg
    <![CDATA[Area Director of Sales - Extended Stay Hotels]]> A dynamic area director of sales with 8 years of experience for dual extended stay hotels; leading a team of 3 sales professionals and responsible for training and promoting 3 other sales individuals to management positions; exceeded room revenues by $1.1 million with a $11 increase in ADR for 2016; increased corporate accounts by 25% in 2015 achieving $1 million in revenues within 6 months

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-EC963DA0-7EA6-319B-9257-6831CA14DB8D.jpg
    <![CDATA[Director of Rooms - Upscale Boutique Hotel]]> A dynamic hospitality director with more than 8 years of experience for an upscale boutique hotel; overseeing two departments with a team of 30+ employees; achieved an 11% increase in guest surveys in Q4 of 2017; decreased CPOR in Q4 of 2017 from $33 to $29; improved associate satisfaction from 87% in 2016 to 92% in 2017; increased housekeeping annual hotel standard inspection by 5% and maintenance by 8% from 2016 to 2017

    Wed, 22 Aug 2018 00:00:00 EDT 1 https://talent.geckohospitality.com/images/talent/101097/thumbs/talent_thumb2x-F1C6C40B-4925-3897-AFC2-C3F8E9D97B28.jpg